Inga is a gifted teacher and transformational healer who after a long carreer as a healer in Denmark landed in our shores. She works with accupuncture meridians (no needles, but hands placement) and the subtle energies of the body. In her consultations you will experience:

  • Rehabilitation of the physical body
  • Re-balancing and cleansing of spiritual, emotional and mental energies
  • Re-activation of the flow of inherent healing withing each being
  • Connecting to Source
    Inga's work is her way of life. She applies wisdom and universal love to every consultation. Inga says, "with each individual I receive from spirit guidance, the direction which allows me to facilitate the release and healing most important at the time to the individual. Whatever needs to happen, does happens". This is a one hour minimum session. A longer 90 minute session is also available.  Cost is $65 for a one hour session, and $95 for the longer session or higher donation.


    In this tranformative session one is assisted to release that which holds deeply in the heart, easing the deep emotions that block our growth and well being. Inga masterfully works to connect us more fully to our divine aspects in order to facilitate the releases and re-alignment necessary for balanced living. Indeed you will experience a deeper sense of inner peace, and a more hopeful and optimistic perspective of life naturally sets in. A sequence of these healings will solidly anchor these new perspectives and effect deep sustainable transformation. Often in a in a session one can experience inner revelations and significant releases of fear, anxiety, and emotional pain. This healing will also work on healing your physical heart.  This is a 30 minute session, the cost is $35 or higher donation.


    In this session males are assisted to release the deep accumulation of fears, pressures, and guilt, steming from all aspects of one's masculinity.  The healing fosters the balancing of male and feminine energies within, and the prostate is nurtured energetically through the meridian system to return to a normal function and size. This is a one hour session, the cost is $65 or a higher donation.

You need to cancel 24 hours ahead of a session or you will be responsible for the cost of the session if a replacement client is not found.

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